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Fresh Langoustine (Nephrops norvegicus)


We are proud to offer fresh, premium quality langoustines. This crustacean is one of the most prized catches in Scotland and the North of England.


We work with One-day inshore boats, which deliver the best quality and freshness which is highly demanded by our customers. 


The skippers and fish agents know the quality we demand and are happy to deliver these exacting specifications. 


The catch is processed and packed immediately ensuring optimum freshness. We wash and grade according to size by hand, not by machine. This guarantees a gentler approach and greater respect of this delicious delicacy. 


The Langoustines are packed into polystyrene boxes, iced, and freshly dispatched to Boulogne-sur-Mar on the overnight truck. From sea to your door in a little over 24 hours.


The provenance changes with the seasons, typically the winter fishery comes from the east coastal waters, and delivers a orange carapace and a smaller spread of sizes. In the summer, the prawns which come from the north-west are a deeper red colour whilst the west coast prawns are of a much paler colour.


They can be steam-cooked, grilled, barbequed and have a succulent texture and a delicate flavour, akin to lobster.